Carnation Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin -Melody Girl

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  • Size:255mm, 280mm

Key Features

Inorganic nano silverelement

Instant absorbency,dry, odor elimination, antimicrobial


Secureanti-leak pad:                    Canabsorb fluids quickly to leave skin feeling dry and fresh.

Healthy anti-leak pad:                   High-tech nano silverprocessing technology for antimicrobial and odor elimination purposes.

Comfortable anti-leak pad:          Delicate and dense surface layer leaves your skin feeling soft. It wasdeveloped by KNH Taiwan, a professional non-woven factory.

Beautiful ladies anti-leak pad:      For beautiful ladies, trendy dual-color cover design, breathable, leavesyour skin feeling fresh and not sticky.

Clean anti-leak pad:                      For convenience, hygiene and portability purposes, the packaging coverof a single pack is designed with a reusable adhesive.

Heavy 255mm: 16pcs/bag, 24bags/ctn

Overnight 280mm: 14pcs/bag, 24bags/ctn

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