Carnation Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin - Pure Cotton Wings

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    Key Features

    Carnation Pure Cotton cooperates with Cotton Incorporated to build a new level of comfortable sanitary napkin. 1. Feeling of Security-a brand-new super absorbent core: The unique diversion structure with the function of super absorbency and dryness directs fluid to the bottom layer quickly. By this magic absorbent layer, the liquid is absorbed and locked rapidly, which make you feel dry and protected. 2. Feeling of Comfort-multiple liquid-locking layer: Super absorbency with high protection structure keeps top layer dry and prevents it from leakage. 3. Feeling of Pure Cotton-pure cotton top layer: High quality pure cotton is certificated by Cotton Incorporated. Clean, comfortable and feel free for daily use. 4. Feeling of Breathability-anti-leakage, comfortable and breathable layer: Highly breathable anti-leakage cover design for breathable and releasing humidity rapidly, which provides you comfort and happiness. 5. Feeling of Cleanness: The packaging cover is designed by reusable adhesive, which is cleanness, hygiene and easy for storage.