Dear Angel Nano-Silver Baby Diaper

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  • Size:L, M, NB, S, XL, XXL
  • Material:Disposable
  • Type:Baby Disposable Diapers

Key Features

1.      Inorganic nano silverelement
Nano silver element is used for eliminating odorand the bacteriostasis rate is up to 99%.

2.       Elastic bands around thewaist:
It isflexible around both the front and the back sides of the waist. The elasticband around the back stretches as much as twice of its length. This allows acomfortable fit, regardless of your babies’ movements.

3.       Baby cotton 3-dimentional layers:
The cottony top layer provides your babies with the warmest and softest touch

4.       Rapid absorbency:
The urine is rapidly collected. The porous top sheet remains dry, your babies’bottom stays fresh.

5.       Breathable outer layer:                                               
The skin isable to breathe freely. Your babies are kept away from a wet area.

6.       Wetness indicator:
The indicator changes its color, fromyellow to aquamarine, when wet, so you know when to change diapers. There is nomore need to interrupt your babies’ sleep, and their bottom will not becomered.

NB: 36pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

S: 64pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

M: 50pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

L: 42pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

XL: 36pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

XXL: 25pcs/bag, 4 bags/ctn

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