Dear Angel Nano-Silver Baby Diapers

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    Key Features

    1. Inorganic and natural nano-sized silver particles Baby Care Series applies the innovative technology to create nano-sized silver particles, which are proved to leave the underwear clear of 99% of bacteria by the inspection unit. 2. Mesh, Soft and super delicate surface Mesh and solid surface designed to decrease the contact area of wastes, making your baby more comfortable! Soft surface texture of cotton wraps your baby’s sensitive skin with cloud-like softness. 3. Stretchy waistband Gap-free fit for all-around comfort is designed to fit snug on your wiggly baby, with back waistband stretching up to twice its length. 4. Super absorbent material Quickly absorbs urine and pulls moisture away from baby’s sensitive skin. 5. Breathable outer fabric Wraps your baby in comfort! 6. Considerate wetness indicator Color-changing wetness indicator changes color from yellow to blue-green when the diaper absorbs moisture. It lets you timely change a diaper to avoid diaper rash.