Lalune Tearable Cotton Pad 70pcs (Plus type)

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    Unique 5 Multi-layers design for this cotton pad!


    • Material:Pure Cotton
    • Package:70pcs/box, 24box/ctn
    • Product size:60X85mm

    Key Features

    1. 5 Multi-layers design: This is non-bonded design. The cotton pad with lotion could be peeled into pieces and fit on the face. This process could save lotion and moisture the skin.

    2. New structure of top layer: Creative and fine manufacture of top layer makes no trace when applying on face. The top layer of this cotton pad could close fit with the skin and moisture the skin completely.

    3. High quality pure cotton: 100% pure cotton with soft and delicate touching provides your skin with gentle care when applying this cotton pad for remover and skin care.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C

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