Surex Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin- Soft Esthetics Wings

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  • Size:Heavy 255mm, Overnight Plus 330mm

Key Features

Superlight Cottony Cover for Delicate Care
The most refined, soft and smoothtouch invented, brought to you by the most professional manufacturer ofnonwoven products in Taiwan-KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd.

New Channel Layer for Instant Absorption
The unique channeling structuredirects fluid to the bottom layer, and isolated away from you, by an ingenious instantabsorption layer, keeping you dry and protected.

Floral Breathable Cover for Fresh Comfort
Dual-colored floral pattern and ahighly breathable anti-leak cover for freshness and fast humidity release,pampers you with comfort and happiness. 

Heavy 25.5cm: 14pcs/bag, 36bags/ctn
Overnight Plus 33cm: 10pcs/bag, 36bags/ctn

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  • Minimum Order:1

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