Surex Sanitary Napkin-Ultra Thin Wings

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  • Size:215mm, 280mm

Key Features

Soft cottony cover

Unique ultra soft cottony cover keeps you fresh and dry, while protecting against leakage. Breathable and gentle even for the most sensitive skin.

Special three-dimensional pattern

Carefully designed for best absorption, the three-dimensional pattern forms a nest over the cottony cover and the super absorbent layer.

Revolutionary super absorbency

Special seamless macromolecule absorbent paper layer for quick absorption keeps you dry and prevents back flow even during your first few days. It matches with the movement of your body and stays in shape.


Regular 21.5cm: 20pcs/bag, 24bags/ctn

Overnight  28cm: 14pcs/bag, 24bags/ctn   

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  • Minimum Order:1

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